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The Principles of Art (in Quilting!) Part VI: Emphasis

Every time I hear about Emphasis in art, I immediately think of this scene from "A View from the Top:" 

Sure we're not talking about spoken language here, but it's still funny (to me).  Annnnnyway...

Emphasis is the focus of the piece which is achieved by arranging the other Elements and Principles of Art in such a way that the portion you've chosen is the first thing you eye goes to upon looking at the work. This is the thing you want viewers to pay the most attention to. It is the focal point. 

This art quilt is called "Tom" by Margaret Abrahamshe - she used color and quilting lines ot create Emphasis on the subject's face, which is just slightly off center in the quilt.  The eye is drawn into his face and gaze.  

Most commonly in quilting, we use contrast in size, shape, and color to create emphasis.  Think about the accent colors you use to pop and draw the eye into your quilts.  

This quilt uses yellow to emphacize the solid lines that create a broken woven texture in the quilt overall.  Your eye goes right to that yellow and sees that weave before it really registers all of the black and white prints in the background.  

This quilt emphacises the flower appliques

Backing Day is Tuesday, November 30th!

Here's a reminder from your friendly neighborhood Cotton Patch that Backing Day is this Tuesday, November 30th! 

If you're new here and don't know what Backing Day is...

Bring in your finished quilt tops (100% complete, no more borders to add, done) on the last day of the month and receive 25% off your backing of choice, even Clearance!

The usual rules apply:

  • If the last day of the month falls on a Sunday when we're closed, then Backing Day is the day before (Saturday). 
  • Discount valid on single-fabric backings only.  Sorry, this is not valid on several cuts of different fabrics for a pieced backing.  
  • Sale prices not combinable with any other offer (this includes deals from Five Stars, redeeming points, and coupons)
  • Sale prices good in-store only on the sale day and limited to stock on-hand. 
We can't wait to see what you've created - see you on the 30th!


The Principles of Art (in Quilting!) Part V: Pattern/Rhythm

For the Principles of Art you might see Pattern and Rhythm interchanges, but most often you'll see it defined as Pattern. This is the repetition of the Elements of Art we talked abut before, but with the intention of creating consistent intervals.  It goes hand in hand with Movement. Pattern and Rhythm guides the eye as the artist chooses, and if used in a particular way, can give the impression of Movement or depth. 

Pattern is prevalent in quilting, from the prints on a fabric and the placement of colors in a block, to the repetition of the blocks through a quilt.  We see it most in the fabrics we use and in how we repeat blocks.  Here's a few examples, some more literal than others: