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News for 2022!

 Now that 2021 is in the rear view...

2021 in a nutshell, am I right

It's time to look ahead!

First off...starting January 1, 2022 our Saturday hours are changing from 10am-5pm to 10am-4pm.  These were our hours years ago, and we're going back to that schedule.  

Secondly, the It Takes a Village Block of the Month will start in February, not January.  Take your pick of our blue colorway ($155):

or you can choose your own adventure for $85 - get the background of your choice at the shop and then supplement with your stash, scraps, and precuts:

Come see the scrappy version live and in person on January 7th and 8th at 10:30.  Did I mention this pattern is a one of a kind exclusive for The Cotton Patch?  The ONLY way to get this pattern is to join the program! 

So what's next?

You will see more classes, and a lot of variety among them. Some will be small projects or make & takes, and others will be longer and more complex.  If you know our teacher, Cheryl, she is working on a new quilt to teach - and if you know her, you know it's going to be awesome and a lot of fun! Diane will be teaching curves in the near future too. Looks for more techniques and skill builders.  As always, we will try to keep the class costs down, but like everything costs are going up.  Speaking of which...

Fabric prices are rising  r a p i d l y  and unfortunately, the jumps are significant. 

Same, Luke. Hard same. 

We don't like it either. But here's the thing. When we think of fabric, generally we think about just the yardage. But there's more going into it than just the greige goods. Transportation costs are HUGE at the moment, and everything is going up - even things like packaging.  With all that considered, we will continue to strive to keep our prices as close to double wholesale plus shipping. It really kills us to see wholesale at $6+ per yard for regular cottons, but despite our whining, groaning, and gnashing of teeth, there's nothing we can do about it.  We tried.  On top of that, various fabric companies have established MSRP rules that shalt not be broken, we are bound to sell at that price. Don't worry, we'll address that ol' chestnut another day.

Despite the fabric cost increases, fabrics are still arriving at velocity, and we have some super cute stuff coming! More wide backs are on the way. Tula Pink and Kaffe Fassett lines will be showing up too, so that's new for 2022! We have some fabulous new batiks on the way.  As everyone knows, this year has been tough supply chain-wise (please refer to the picture at the top of this post), but hopefully we will be getting resupplied on basics - solids, thread, etc.

The pandemic has sure changed a lot - where we gather, how we work, and how we shop.  That being said, internet traffic is up for just about all businesses and we're no different.  We are looking forward to revamping our website to make it easier to navigate and more user friendly overall. Look for more on the blog and on Facebook - we'll be doing more videos and live feeds in 2022!  So if you don't follow us on Facebook today, now's a great time - click here: to get to our Facebook page.  If you don't have your own Facebook account don't worry, because our page is a public business page and visible even without an account (you just won't be able to Like/Comment/Share).  

You have already seen (and loved!) our Sew Simple 3-Yard bundles, but you'll be seeing more cut goods and kits coming in.  So if you've been missing pre-cuts and grab and go projects, you don't have to wait much longer!  You'll see more monthly programs as well. We also have a few great Block of the Week programs lined up through the end of 2022 - stay tuned for more. 

We hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year. We're excited for what's to come, and we hope you are too. 

Do you have something special you'd like to see us offer or carry in 2022?  Leave us a comment below.  


Backing Day is Friday, December 31st!

Here's a reminder from your friendly neighborhood Cotton Patch that Backing Day is this Friday, December 31st!  

If you're new here and don't know what Backing Day is...

Bring in your finished quilt tops (100% complete, no more borders to add, done) on the last day of the month and receive 25% off your backing of choice, even Clearance!

The usual rules apply:

  • If the last day of the month falls on a Sunday when we're closed, then Backing Day is the day before (Saturday). 
  • Discount valid on single-fabric backings only.  Sorry, this is not valid on several cuts of different fabrics for a pieced backing.  
  • Sale prices not combinable with any other offer (this includes deals from Five Stars, redeeming points, and coupons)
  • Sale prices good in-store only on the sale day and limited to stock on-hand. 
We can't wait to see what you've created - see you on the 31st!