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Backing Day is Tuesday, January 31st!

Here's a reminder from your friendly neighborhood Cotton Patch that Backing Day is this Tuesday, January 31st!  This is the very first Backing Day in the new shop - if you haven't stopped by already, you gotta see it!

But if you're new here and don't know what Backing Day is...

Bring in your finished quilt tops (100% complete, no more borders to add, done) on the last day of the month and receive 25% off your backing of choice, even Clearance!

The usual rules apply:

  • If the last day of the month falls on a Sunday when we're closed, then Backing Day is the day before (Saturday). 
  • Discount valid on single-fabric backings only.  Sorry, this is not valid on several cuts of different fabrics for a pieced backing.  
  • Sale prices not combinable with any other offer (this includes deals from Five Stars, redeeming points, and coupons)
  • Sale prices good in-store only on the sale day and limited to stock on-hand. 

We can't wait to see what you've created - see you on the 31st! 


Important Shop Updates & Information

...And after all that, we're back!  Today was our soft open. We're about 75% finished with the move, but most of everything is out and ready to go! Another tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us along the way with this move.  I mean it when we say we could not have done this without you.  

So let's get down to business - there's a few important things to know now that we're open again!
  1. Address - Our address is now 128 Chemawa Rd. N, Keizer, OR 97303 in Baker Plaza.  This has been changed on here, our Facebook, our website, and on Google.  There are a few ways to get to the shop, but the simplest way is to turn West on Chemawa Rd. at the light at River Rd and Chemawa.  Our shopping is the first left - Good Times is on the corner. We don't have our sign yet on the shopping center marquee - it still says "Lakepoint." Just know if you pass Good Times, you're too far.  Here's the map again for reference:

  2. Signage - We understand that it's a little hard to find our new place without the correct signage...definitely wasn't part of the plan to open without it!  Our signage is in progress with the vendor and will be installed soon. 

  3. Parking - While we are lucky enough to have more spots in the parking lot overall, we now share the lot with more businesses than we did previously.  So far it hasn't been a problem, but it's something to consider if you find the lot is busy - the businesses don't have reserved parking.

  4. Cutting Counters: We have separated the cutting counters.  The smaller counter is in the back of the shop, and is credit/debit/gift certificate only.  The larger counter at the front and accepts cash, credit/debit, and gift certificates.  

  5. New Registers: We have transitioned to a new point of sale system, with a register at each cutting counter (two is better than one!). While this wasn't expected quite this soon, here we are.  It's pretty slick and does a lot of cool things, but we are all still learning.  Please hang in there with us while we learn the new system.

  6. Rewards Points:  Because we had to move to the new system sooner than we planned (read: 10pm Friday 10am Saturday morning), we have not yet transferred rewards points from Five Stars to the new system which is a manual process.  Your points and rewards are not lost, however we are currently unable to confirm points, check rewards status, redeem rewards, or create new accounts from the register.  We can add new points for you manually on the old system by way of the computer, but the points won't be available for use at the counter.  It is a priority for us this week to get the new rewards system running and the old accounts transferred over.  We will keep you updated, and apologize for any inconvenience.  

  7. Classes: Classes are currently on hold while we finish getting the classroom cleared of moving and construction materials, and get the new tables set up.  This, too, is a priority and we will keep you posted.  A new class list is in progress and we have some awesome stuff lined up!
Finally, for those that don't already know...Dad (Lee) received a donor heart (and got the call on his birthday no less!) and is in recovery.  We can finally breathe, as can he.  He is being moved out of ICU within the next day or two.  He's already started physical therapy and in typical fashion, he is absolutely excelling with it.  We are so grateful to the donor and their family, to the phenomenal surgeons and medical staff at St. Vincent's, and to each an every single one of you who have reached out.  He has a long road in recovery ahead, but he is already making amazing progress.  

It's late and I'm sure I'll think of something after I post, but those are the biggies.  We are so happy and excited to start this new chapter in so many ways and we have a lot of great things coming. Thank you for coming with us on this wild journey, and we can't wait to see you soon. 


The Big Move and Re-Opening Update

First of all...

We made it, but WOW, what a ride!  The last few days have been insanely busy, but we're all moved out of the old River Rd. place and into the new Chemawa Rd. place.  

First of all, I want to thank everyone who came out to help us, and on a holiday weekend no less!  You all are AMAZING for stepping up and bringing your tools, carts, and time to make a big job go fast and smooth.  

...goes to Mychal, John, Robbi, KJ, Aaron, Janice, Fred, Judi, Gabe, Tonya, Cheryl, Mary, Debbie, Sue, Sheila, Molly, Matt, Gabriel, and Zac for all the help the last two days.  An extra special shout out goes to John, who went over and got an early start to surprise us.  He did a LOT of heavy work to get us ahead of the curve on Saturday morning.  Another extra special shout-out goes to Judi, Gabe, and Tonya for tackling the move of the cutting counters.  Turns out those babies where built inside the building and wouldn't fit out the door!  They spent a lot of time troubleshooting, labelling, documenting, and breaking those down so they could fit out the door and get rebuilt. A last extra special shout out goes to Janice for getting some great pictures for us - something I wanted to do, but wasn't managing to get done - she saved the day!  

When I say we couldn't have done it without these amazing people, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. We have had so many people offer their help too - we tried to reach everyone but it was admittedly short notice.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything.  

In less-great news, we had high hopes to be able to open on January 2nd and really start the New Year off with a bang, but that's not going to happen.  When we started this process, it was a realistic goal.  This funny little thing called Murphy's Law decided to act up on us, and things didn't quite go according to plan timing-wise (hence moving on New Year's Eve/Day...that was definitely NOT in the original blueprint). 

Do we have an exact re-opening date?  No. We have some more work to do to get fabric placed and fixtures up, and a little more logistics work to do. But what I can do is commit to keeping everyone updated on our progress, and as soon as we have a Grand Re-Opening date in hand I will blast it out there!