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Backing Day!

Backing Day is this Thursday, January 30th! 

What is Backing Day? So glad you asked! 

On the 30th of the month (29th if the 30th falls on a Sunday and on the last day of February - second to last if it falls on a Sunday) get backing at 25% for your finished quilt tops - as many as you want as long as the following requirements are met:

1. You physically bring the quilt into the shop with you.  This is required so we can effectively help calculate what you need. If the quilt isn't present, it's much harder to be accurate.  Also, and we are being selfish on this one - we love to see your finished projects walk in the door with you!

2. The quilt top is 100% finished - meaning, the quilt is fully sewn and assembled with borders sewn completely onto the quilt (sorry, pinned together doesn't count).  If the quilt isn't complete, it is much harder to calculate backing accurately because the design may change and alter backing needs (example, the plan was for 4" borders but as it turns out 6" works better).

3. Discount applies to one backing fabric per quilt top.  Limited to stock on hand, in-store, on sale day only.  25% off backing is not compoundable with other discounts (such as 5 Stars points/offers).  Not applicable to online purchases. 

Going to miss Backing day this month? That's okay!  The next Backing Day is Saturday, February 29, 2020...Leap Day! 

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