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Recap: Willamette Valley Quilt Festival

Whew, what a weekend!  Thank you for coming and making the show a success!  The Willamette Valley Quilt Festival just keeps getting better and better every year and we're excited to have been invited again to participate next year. 

Weren't able to make it?  That's okay!  Here's some pictures of the booth, and a selection of some of the quilts that were displayed...there were more than pictured here, but these are the ones Lauren was able to sneak away and see!

We ended up selling out of the Sew Cute Critters (the animals with glasses), the Fabulous Greek Felines (not pictured), Irony (the irons - hehehe!), and the Iron pincushion.  We WILL have these back in store, and if Lauren has you on the waiting list, you'll be called when they come in!

Now for the quilts...

Autumn Birch by JoAnna Rogers

Earth, Wind, and Water by Diana Finkenaur

Kodiak by JoAnna Rogers

Stonehenge Fabric Challenge by LuAnn Edmonds

The center block was cool!

Another Stonehenge Fabric Challenge by LuAnn Edmonds

State Birds of a Feather Together Forever by Wanda Wielgos

Love's Labor Found by Dawnell Tingey

There's metallic in there...which is notoriously hard to work with as an embroidery floss!

My Favorite Follies by Sally Marshall.  This was an old Block of the Month of ours, so it was cool to see again!

Tour de Firsts by Rebecca Ostergaard

The Dragon by Laurie Naemura

It's Interesting by Linda Glasscock

3654 Sampler by Cynthia Janes

Continuum by Patty Roberts-Hasenbalg

Untitled by Chris Harrsion 

Colorworks by Alice Grucza

Cross Stitch Calendar by Renee Gerlach

Tribute to Grandma Oda by Oda Pendergrass

Bee Mine by Gina Mercado

It's Interesting by Alice Gruzca

Sunflower by LuAnn Kessi

Broken Garden Path by Debbie Garvin

Carolina Lily by Rosalie Williams

Forest Abstractions by Renee McCord

Untitled by Elle Garvison

Inner City Splendor by Cynthia Shaw.  The center is all HAND PIECED.  Amazing!

Dear Jane by Carolan Pyron

Poinsettia by Anita Scott

Scrappy Hunter's Star by Cheryl Dolby

Untitled by Sandra Olson

Gravity by Jill Huntington

All Things Alaska by Cheryl Dolby.  I liked this one because it was an outdoorsy quilt that was more than brown and green.  

Star Storm Moonshadow by Ginger Cadwell

Midnight Stars by Gail Chapman

Zebra Portrait by Jill Huntington

Untitled by Keo Teghtmeyer

One of my favorite animals!

Oh look, another one of my favorites!!

Portland - City of Roses by Jill Huntington

My 30 60 90 Nightmare by Janna Curtis.  I thought the way the blocks were set was neat.

Red Rose for a Blue Girl by Jean Amundson

Komon Lattice by Karen Miller

Untitled by Diane Nordyke

Untitled by Naomi Wiedner

Two Sisters by Elnora Dyer

Untitled by Sharon Hoyer

Wild Thing by Teri Wells

Celtic Quilt by Ilona Haines

Untitled by Sharon Hoyer.  Holy tiny circles, Batman!

Finger for scale (NOTE: Finger did not touch quilt and was about an inch and a half away, promise!)

We hope everyone who attended had as great a time as we did, and that you'll come see us next year.  What's the next show for us?  A little birdie told me it'll be Expo in March...stay tuned for details!

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