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Star Cycle BOM Starts April 2021!

It's that time again!  That's right - Block of the Month is back at The Cotton Patch with our latest design, Star Cycle:

(Please be cool and do not copy this design.  This is an exclusive pattern from The Cotton Patch (c) 2021 and sign ups are open!)

But before we dive into the program, a little housekeeping, shall we?'s still life in the time of COVID, and yes, we still aim to be compliant with the State mandates.  So what does that mean for this program?  In-person attendance is A) optional, and B) limited.  We will have our back room sanitized and set up for social distancing, and once space fills up in there, that's all we can allow.  Does that mean you are down and out, and can't participate in the program?  Absolutely not!  It just means that in-person class space is limited.  If you want to grab your blocks and go, that's perfectly fine.

Also, starting in April, our Block of the Month classes will be on the FIRST weekend of the month instead of the second.  For those of you who have been with us for years, you know we have held our Block of the Month classes on the second weekend of the month.  Over time, other shops have decided to do their programs on the second weekend as well.  We're not being salty here - we don't want you to have to choose between shops and programs when there is plenty of room for everyone.  So we're moving to the First Saturday, instead of the Second.   

Good?  Good.   Now...on to the program!

Star Cycle Block of the Month

OPTION 1: Planned Colorway (just like our sample!)
Choose Option 1 and get all of the fabric for the top and binding of the lovely red and taupe version of the quilt you see pictured.  Every month you'll get the fabric for that month's blocks and full color patterns.  Choose our color way, and get a coupon for 25% off your backing of choice at the end of the program.  Love our sample but want to swap a color or two out?  You are welcome to do so, but you'll need to swap out your own colors; due to volume and limited staffing making a bunch of exceptions to the kit is challenging to keep track of.  We'll be happy to tell you how much you need if you choose to swap out, but you'll still get the complete sample kit monthly.  
OPTION 1 Cost: $171.25 (total)

OPTION 2: Stashbusters Style
Choose Option 2 and use your stash and scraps to build this quilt in whatever colors you choose!  Let's face it...we all have more fabric than time and this is a great way to make a totally exclusive design and use up that stash.  At sign up you'll get the yardage requirements for your background, and every month you'll receive full color patterns and a color key that you can use to create your own, unique colorway.  Sorry, no backing coupon with this Option.  
OPTION 2 Cost: $60 (total)

Diane did the gorgeous red colorway you see pictured.  Lauren will play along with the group and do a sample Stashbusters Style that you'll see the blocks for monthly.  The red sample is in-store now! 

The deadline for sign ups is March 27th.  Give us a call at (503) 463-1880 to sign up by phone or stop by to sign up in person - payment is required at time of sign up.  

We are just thrilled to be back at it with Block of the Month - 2020 was a LONG, weird experience for everyone and a fresh new project is just what the doctor ordered.  

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