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Home Bound Sew Along - Cornerstones, Sashing,

Hi everyone! It's an easy week.  Let's assemble the quilt center and inner borders

Cutting Instructions
You can use whatever colors you want. For the sake of keeping it simple and very clear, cutting instructions will correspond to the colors shown in the quilt above. Cutting is for sashing and cornerstones only.

(12) 1 3/4" x 9 1/2" rectangles

(4) 1 3/4" squares
For Inner Borders, see Assembly section

Sew the quilt top as shown. 

 Measure your quilt for your inner borders. Inner borders are cut  1 1/2” by the your measurement.  Using your measurements for your quilt will help it stay square.  Measure through the middle of the quilt top and cut accordingly.

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