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Home Bound Sew Along - Pieced Borders & Finishing

Hi everyone!  Let's make the pieced borders and finish this project up.

Cutting Instructions
You can use whatever colors you want. For the sake of keeping it simple and very clear, cutting instructions will correspond to the colors shown in the quilt above. Cutting is for the pieced borders & binding

(5) 2" x WOF strips

(5) 1 1/4" x WOF strips
(4) 2" squares
(4) 3 1/2" x 2" rectangles

1/2 yard

1 1/4 yards

Make the checkerboard strips first.  Sew the pink 1 1/4” strips to the background 1 1/4” strips.  Cut into (168) 1 1/4” segments. 

Make (84) 4 patch units

Use 4 of these units to make the corners.  Sew the 4 patch unit to the pink 2” squares.  Then sew the pink rectangles to the units you just made.  Make 4 corners.

Sew the rest of the 4 patch units in units of 20.  Make 4

Remember when you work with pieced borders you must fit it in a bit more and coax the piece unit into square. This is why there are the 2” background strips.  These strips help stabilize the pieced border. 

Measure your quilt and cut the 2” background strip to that measurement.  Sew on the checkerboard.  Pinning will help this go much easier.  Pin the middle and then ends.  This will tell you how your checkerboard is working.  If it is slightly too big, sew the checkerboard next to your feed dogs.  If it is slightly too small, you may be able to coax it by pinning.  If is it a lot too small or large, check you seam allowances to see if some of them are off. 

Now sew on side borders. 

 For the top and bottom borders, you will sew the corners to ends of the borders and then sew on.

Quilt, bind, and enjoy! Binding is cut (5) 2 1/4” x WOF.

We hope you enjoyed this stash busting sew along as much as we did!


  1. Hi Diane,
    Only 1 of the pictures came through on the post.
    Looking forward to finishing the quilt.

    1. For some reason the blog service turned the pictures to links...who knows? But they're all fixed, so you're ready to sew! :-)

  2. Excuse me but none of the instructions or only part of them are showing. I had planned on printing all of them out at once but now there are only blank spaces or spaces with a dash in the middle. Is it possible to get the instructions for this stash buster quilt? Thank you.


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